Ursa Major Facewash, Toner, and Face Balm

I honestly didn’t care about my skin for a long time. I’d wake up, splash a little water on my face, brush my teeth, quickly change and dart out the door. Acne was never really a problem for me until I joined the gym. In a regular gym, there’s the sweaty equipment that the previous user didn’t wipe down, which is fairly common. In a mma gym, you come along much nastier things. Wrestling mats need to be cleaned after every session…most gyms don’t do this. You just need one dirty person to infect everyone on the mats with ring worm and even worse, staph. I have had both. Ringworm just doesn’t look good and you’ll get it bad if you accidentally give it to your girlfriend. Staph on the other hand will eat your flesh.


A Really Bad Staph Infection

I rarely go on the mat unless I have both a rashguard and tights on but this still leaves your face uncovered.  There are many kinds of products on the market but most are marketed to women.  Most people don’t realize that men’s skin is very different. Our skin is thicker, oilier, plus we sweat more. We also shave our faces…
Lots of products contain many synthetic chemicals. Just like the supplement industry, the personal care industry is not regulated and nobody is responsible if you become sick or get cancer.

In comes Ursa Major super natural face set. I have been using the face wash, toner, and face balm for the past couple of days.

Face Wash
99.5% natural, 51% organic
98.5 % natural, 53% organic
Face balm
100% natural, 82 % organic

You can compare your current products and find nothing near this level of quality natural ingredients.  Check it out yourself.

What does it smell like?
The mild scent of all three products is why I like them all. They all smell good but are not overbearing at all.

Let’s run down what each product does.

Face Wash- General cleaner, dissolving dead surface skin (exfoliate)
Face Toner (4 in 1 formula)- Exfoliates, cleanses, shrinks appearance of pores(toner), and post shave healer.
Face Balm/Moisturizer-hydrates and protects skin

How Often I Use These Products
Wake up- Shave, use face wash, small amount of toner and face balm.
After Gym- Face wash
Night- Face wash, toner, face balm.

Lately, my face has been feeling fresh and clean. I actually look forward to waking up and getting the day started by washing my face.  Even though my face gets punched often, has mine and other people’s sweat literally poured on it, I’m happy to know I can clean it to the best of my ability with these “super natural” products.
You can purchase these products at UrsaMajor.


Hayabusa Kyoudo Fight Shorts

With the mma market practically flooded with clothing options, It’s  hard to stand out in the crowd. Luckily Hayabusa is practically the gold standard in mma gear and equipment. Every piece of mma gear I have purchased from them has been nothing short of durable.

I’ve had their original Kyoudo fight shorts since I started doing BJJ in 2007. You know a piece of clothing is durable when you’ve worn them at least twice a week for 4 years.

Me in Action 2 Years Ago

1 Year Ago

The Kyoudo fight shorts have a number of features which make it stand out from the plethora of fight shorts options. They feature a stretch panel located on the inner thigh which help for unrestricted motion (especially when you are attempting gogoplatas and monoplatas). One feature I liked in particular is the inner grip waistband system, which is easy to adjust and fits comfortably on my body. The shorts also contain High IQ odor prevention material which inhibit bacteria growth. I have no idea what this is (Do they blend synthetic copper in their fabric?) but I’m just gonna go with it.

There are only a few setbacks I can think of. The shorts do come at a higher price point. Though it’s you will be spending a little more money these will last much longer than other fight shorts. I personally think the current Hayabusa designs are slightly getting larger and bolder, but they have not reached the absolute ridiculously out there level that many brands flaunt (“Come on Bro! I gotta get these. There are skulls and flames on it!”).

If you’re serious about training and have no time to worry about the durability, functionality, and design of your fights shorts, definitely invest in these. The only thing I regret is not buying 2 pairs of the original Kyoudo shorts. You probably can’t find them anymore…

The OG Kyoudo

Score: Over 9000

Under Armour Generation II Recharge Shirt Review

I have to admit…. I’ll buy anything that promises to build my body back up after a hard day of training. When I first saw the recovery suit on CNBC, I wanted one right away. It seemed perfect for me; I train 6 days a week almost 3 hours each day. So you’re telling me… The suit will help me recover quickly and make me look like a superhero?

When you train hard, your muscle fibers tear up and take on water which causes soreness. UA states that the Recharge Energy Shirt uses super-tight compression to push the water out of the muscles so you the athlete, recover faster. The suit should be put within two hours post-workout and should be worn for 24 hours.

I buy a lot of fitness items but I was very skeptical buying this one. I’m a pretty small guy so I bought the smallest size they had. I made sure to max out lifting, showered then put the suit on.

Via Under Armour

The suit is ridiculously tight the first time you put it on. I was even contemplating returning it to purchase a larger size. But it’s the tightness of the compression suit, which allows it to work its magic (obviously). I went to sleep with it on and took it off after 24 hours. There was no soreness, no aching, just a small pump after removing the tight garment off my body.

Did this thing really work? Was it legit or was I having a confusing placebo affect; like how I feel after taking a suspect multivitamin that discolors my urine?

I waited until the next day; I usually feel uber sore the second day of a hard workout. Still, no soreness.

I’ve been using the recharge suit for about a month now and the only complaint I have is that it unfortunately did stretch out. It didn’t stretch to the point that the garment is loose but it definitely is not as tight as when I started using it. However, this is what I paid for; a tight compression suit that helps me recover faster. I think anyone who trains hard would benefit from it. I just don’t think I’d pay full price for this thing. Maybe this is why the suit is on sale at their outlet website. Proper rest, massage, and nutrition are essentials in recovery. Though it’s a nice addition, the UA Recovery Recharge Suit doesn’t need to be included in that list anytime soon.

Score (1-10): 7